Paper Courier Bag by Pack8®


Promises safe and sound delivery of all products across multiple locations and in different transit modes.

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  • Material: Recycled Kraft Paper
  • BF –35+)
  • Paper GSM: 80 to 110
  • Maximum Bag Size: 20” x 23“
  • Minimum Bag Size: 7”x 7”
  • Printing: Up to 2 colours


Alternate local names: gift bag, paper bag, paper pouches, packing paper, green paper bag

Main Features: Easy to Use. Unique level of water resistance. Ideal for light and mid-weight products

Material: Virgin Kraft

Color: Brown

Application: Fashion Industry, Book Store, Personal Care, Jewellery, Groceries


The cosmetics industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, with a wide range of products being shipped and damaged every day. Our eco-friendly packaging solutions ensure that all products are safe and protected during transit.


pack8's protective packaging solutions add a beautiful personal touch to the art of gift-giving.

Personal Care

Personal care packaging calls for a personal touch. Our products can provide an elegant visual appeal while protecting the product from transit damage.


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